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Watch for More Changes at Keney Park’s Barbour Street Entrance

The roadway at Keney Park’s Barbour Street entrance was recently revised according to the winning design of the Partner’s for Plants at Keney Park design contest. The contest, a joint project of the Garden Club of Hartford and the City of Hartford, challenged landscape architecture and design students at a number of area universities to create more beautiful and welcoming entrances to the park. The winning design, by Stephanie Hsia and Lara Mehling, then students at Harvard University School of Design, stipulated slight changes in the roadway to ease traffic flow, especially at times of heavy use — such as after cricket matches when Barbour Street is the vehicular exit from the park.

For the past year, Garden Club of Hartford members have been removing invasive plants in preparation for more desirable native pollinator-friendly shrubs and trees being planted in late September. Stakes have been placed where Serviceberry trees will go, and additional plant locations will be staked in coming week


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